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    Safari Society


    Safari Society donors are a sophisticated group who share a deep appreciation for wildlife, concern for animal welfare and for the preservation of biodiversity and natural habitats worldwide. Participants are offered docent-guided cart tours, VIP events, donor recognition and much more.

    This upper-level annual giving program is a mainstay of the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens. The Safari Society allows donors at a range of giving levels to help advance the education and conservation programs, provide care to the animal and plant life exhibited here, and enhance the visitor experience.

    Perks Include

    • Personalized assistance in planning Zoo visits and private cart tours
    • Exclusive access to wildlife and wildlife experts
    • VIP?experiences
    • Fees discounted on private events in uniquely stunning locations
    • A dedicated Access Line for all your L.A. Zoo needs
    • Tickets to ride the Tom Mankiewicz Conservation Carousel, Safari Shuttle, and participate in Giraffe Feedings
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