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    Zoo Publications

    Enjoy Our Award-Winning Publications!

    The Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association produces print and digital publications to keep members and visitors informed about what’s going on at the Zoo. Become a GLAZA member to receive Zoo View in your mailbox!

    Zoo View

    Zoo View is the award-winning quarterly magazine of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association. Its editorial mission is to promote interest in the animals, plants, and conservation efforts of the Los Angeles Zoo and Botanical Gardens, thus broadening awareness of, and appreciation for, wildlife and wild places. Lively and informative articles are lavishly illustrated with full-color photography.

    A subscription to Zoo View is complimentary with any level of membership.

    Maggie Award Winner

    Back Issues

    To inquire about purchasing individual copies of back issues, please email [email protected]. Quantities are limited, and not all issues are available for purchase.

    GLAZA Giving Guide

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